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Perkins, also known as Rolls Royce, is one of the four major brands in the world. The company was founded in 1932 and has grown to an annual output of 300,000 engines. It has three production bases around the world and more than 4,000 after-sales services around the world. The service network has produced more than 15 million units in total. Because of its economic, reliability and durability advantages, it has been widely promoted and applied in various industries, and its shipment volume is the world's largest number of generator sets. In 2009, a wholly-owned factory was established in China to provide engine equipment to the world.

Since the start of cooperation in 1998, the two parties have established a solid strategic cooperative relationship. With the increase in orders year by year, Minghui Electromechanical has become one of Perkins' largest OEM manufacturers in China.


Main performance characteristics

The unit is three-phase four-wire output, the neutral point is grounded, the output voltage is 380V/220V, the frequency is SOHZ, and the protection performance meets NEMAI and IP21 standards.

High quality, completely reliable power output.

Simple structure, low power loss, reliable operation and low failure rate.

Allows to work in a wider temperature range without correction.

The independent direct fuel injection system ensures the best fuel atomization and rapid, economical and effective combustion.

Easy to start, keep emergency standby.

Each power generation equipment has undergone a comprehensive test procedure, including full load, actual load increase and decrease, safety test multi-application, and multiple optional configurations.

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