About Mingpowers

About Mingpowers
Company Culture


Company Culture


Three Cores : Creating Value for Customers, Creating Opportunities for Staff, Creating Profits for the Society

Three Representatives : Quality, Honesty, Efficiency

Three Values : Human Value over Material Value, Product Value over Productive Value, Social Value over Profit Value

Three Guidelines : Excellence, Improvement, Law-abiding

Three Wills : Sincere Dedication, Sincere Service, Concentration on Improvement

Three Traditions : Diligent & Economical, Creative, Timely Innovative

Three Platforms : Educational Platform for Personnel Career, Platform for Suppliers' Products,Platform for Customers' Value

Three Capabilities : Growing Capability, Profiting Capability, Operating Capability

Three Aims : Taking the Lead, Technologically Advanced Elite Team, Century Enterprise

Three Spirits : Hard Working, Collaboration, Self-Surpassing

Three Firsts : Customers First, Suppliers First, Society First

Three Promises : Responding to the Problem within 30 Minutes, Resolving the Problem within 3 Hours, Accompanishing the Problem within 3 Days

Three Services : Warm Pre-sale Service, Professional Selling Service and Perfect After-sale Service

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